Your Own Auction Business

Build your own auction brand on Auction Property TV.

Advertsing your client’s properties on Auction Property TV not only gives you access to a range of investor buyers but also allows you to maximise your fee return on each sale.

Our process

We offer a partnership opportunity which will delivers income and requires no invesment from you in either time or money. We manage the process whilst you retain control of the sale.

Auction Property TV gives you an easy way to expand your service and provides you with a wider audience of cash ready buyers.

We work with you in partnership and ensure that your brand is promoted and that you remain first point of contact.

Key Benefits to you

  • Faster sales process
  • Fees paid to you immediately
  • Your branding displayed on all properties
  • Marketing & control retained by your business
  • Training for your staff
  • Ideal route for difficult to sell, tenanted or vacant properties
  • Links to your website

We’d be delighted to discuss this with you further- call on 0141 310 3100