How to remove a mole at home – best practices

How to remove a mole at home – best practices

Removing moles at home is effective. But first it is better to go to a Mole removal service. If improperly eliminated, rebirths of moles are not excluded. Before starting treatment, it is necessary to smear around benign education with petroleum jelly. It stops the appearance of scars after the removal of the hanging nevi.

Iodine with alcohol

Iodine has antibacterial, disinfectant properties. It is used in the treatment of many diseases at home. Hanging moles smear with a solution of alcohol two or three times a day. With large sizes – four times a day.

At bedtime, on ordinary nevi, apply a cotton swab moistened with iodine. Fix the adhesive plaster. After sleep, the bandage is removed. Moles are washed with water. Repeat a few days.

One tablespoon of boiled water is mixed with five drops of iodine. Soaked with a solution of cotton wool is applied on a flat mole for five minutes. After the problem area is washed with water.

Remove nevus with iodine easily and efficiently. After such procedures, no scars or scars remain on the skin. Therefore, acquiring ointments that remove scars is not necessary.


A simple way, proven over the centuries. Such methods can be removed only hanging, a small mole. We must take the hair and twist around moles, closer to the base. You need to tie either weakly or strongly. It is necessary to walk for several days. After that you need to check the mole, it should dry out a bit. When hair loss is necessary to take a new one, and repeat the procedure.

A good way to become a horse hair. Need someone to ask them to tie a mole at the base. Do not take three or four days in the bath or before bedtime. The birthmark stops receiving blood and disappears.

Apple vinegar

The tool at home helps to get rid of ordinary moles, whitening the skin. Not applicable for removal of hanging nevi. You can only use apple cider vinegar! Other types of solution are chemically active, they can damage tissues. First you need to check the epidermis for allergies to this tool.

To begin with, it is recommended to hold a nevus in water for fifteen minutes to make the skin softer. Vatu, having a size less than a mole, you need to wet apple cider vinegar, attach to the problem area for twenty minutes. Wash the build-up with water. Repeat the procedure four times a day a week. The mole will dry and fall away.

There is a simpler method. Two or three drops rub on a nevus and wait five minutes. Use water to rinse the treatment site. Use – three times a day. The course of treatment is a week.


The tool helps to get rid of many diseases. To remove moles you need to make a mixture. Mix one small spoonful of soda with four small spoons of water. To speed up the results, you can add vitamin E. Paste applied to the nevus for an hour twice a day for three days.

Laundry soap

Hygiene product helps to remove only hanging moles. In the evening, put a layer of soap on the problem area. Repeat three to four times. Nevus should turn a little red, then disappear. There will not be a trace on the body. You cannot handle a mole with creams and ointments to eliminate inflammation, this is a side effect.

There is another way. A layer of soap is cut and applied to the skin moistened with water, cotton is put on top, fixed with adhesive plaster. An hour before bedtime, everything is removed. Repeat the procedure for three days.


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