Slime Games Are a Great Diversion

If you have a personal computer and spend any time online looking for new and interesting games to play you may have come across the Slime Games. Contrary to what the name suggests, these are not games in which you get to sling slime at other players, but rather the player is the slime.

The creators of these unique games took the cute little slime characters we have all come to know and love from our favorite adventure how to make slime with glue and RPG video games and placed them in a competitive setting. These one time game foes are now the heroes of their own sports genre of games.

In slime volleyball you choose a slime character to be and have the option of playing against a computer generated slime adversary or a real life opponent. The tiny slime characters have no arms or legs, but still manage to lob that ball over the net via their round slime heads. The top portion of the screen keeps track of the score by the color of the slime. The volleyball game is available as a one, two or three player game.

For those people who want a little more strategy in their game than just lobbing a ball back and forth, there is slime soccer. This game comes in a World Cup version, an elastic band version and a zero gravity moon version.

The Slime Games are also created for more than one player, so you and your opponents can create different strategies in trying to score. Need more variety? You could try slime bowling, cricket or hockey. There are even versions of a slime boxing game and water polo. If you think these games sound easy, think again. They require precise timing and expert taps on your keyboard to get these little slimes to cara daftar togel perform their best.

In Slime Balancing Pole you have the option of selecting the amount of time you want to try to balance your slime. Each game comes with levels you can advance to once you successfully complete the one you are on. This makes these games more challenging because you have goals to beat. The best part about playing the various Slime Games is that they are one hundred percent free on the Internet.

If you have a flash player installed you can select your game and begin playing immediately. There are no downloads or programs to configure or install. These make great diversions from the routine of the everyday workplace or the monotonous pace of college. Next time you need a break, play a lighthearted round or two of one of your favorite games using slimes.


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